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happy new year


A warm greeting to all of you, friends of planetfil. I wish you a wonderful start of the new year, filled with surprises, challenges, with laughter, moments to cherish and new roads to follow. Remember that sometimes the rough looking roads are the ones bringing you to unexpected goals. Never give up. love.fili...

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the intruder


You can visit the lovely town of Corciano to see the spectacular Christmas Nativity scene along the narrow alleys until the 6th of Jan. I have a special bond to Corciano from this summer and I do highly suggest a visit if you're passing by. I do doubt that the intruder will hang out until the 6th though...

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my life


Reading Veruschka, My life. Didn't expect to find such a dramatical story. Veruschka was one of the world's most famous models (cosidered to be the greatest top model ever existed) in the 60's and 70's working with Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Bert Stern, Diana Vreeland, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. She invented Veruschka, but she was really Very Lehndorff, a German girl born in 1939. Her father was a lieutenant and one of the members of "operation Valchiria", the failed plot to take out Hitler.  He was arrested and executed as a traitor of the nazi regimen. Need some sugar to digest this story, holiday candy comes in handy. ...

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