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sette green awards


I wore this look by Stella McCartney to present the Sette Green Awards tonight. Some of you might know that I'm pretty sick today and might be wondering "Why wear a sleeveless dress when you're having a cold and a fever?" Well, that just happened, since I had planned to wear another dress, longsleeved, warm and cosy. I slipped it on 15 minutes before leaving the house, only to realize that it was WAY too tight, I couldn't even walk in it. I quickly changed into another dress, by now they were waiting for me downstairs to get going, but that one was ALSO too tight...

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Lella, Geppi & Marras

Lella Costa, Geppi Cuccari

I attended a book presentation by one of my favourite Italian actresses and comedians,  Lella Costa, in where she explains the art of irony. The presentation was held at Nonostantemarras, the showroom, boutique, coffeeshop, library of the designer Antonio Marras, so I discovered another perfect Milano hangout. All for you to discover! fili. ...

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