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Driving Miss Daisy


We have a new sweet member of the family: Pia, as we call her, our Fiat 500 from '69! Made a road trip with her yesterday, visiting the very enchanting castle of San Mariano (PG) completely restored and very much alive. Every house is inhabited, children running in the small alleys of the castle at daytime. At night, oil lamps are creating a very romantic setting, just the way I like it!  I think I need some driving lessons for the Fiat though...

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new old


I found this old wrought iron bed on ebay and since the seller was in Arezzo I went and picked it up. With the precious help of my mum (thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!): she sewed the curtains, cushions and mattress, we transformed the children's bed into a comfy daybed for lazy moments. I'm so happy with my new old romantic and cosy corner!  Gotta go now, 'cause I have things to do...

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