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traveling star-Stella


Stella McCartney, woman and brand that we adore, is having a huge success in Asia, where she just spent a couple of days entertaining in Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. I love having a peek at the incredibly elegant Oriental women, their posture and femininity. Here is the video of the evening in Shanghai, which seems to have been a very fun and different event! Hold on a minute...

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If you're in Italy come join the party Saturday in the Luxury Outlet The Place, who has collaborated during the year with the Italian Cancer fund to collect money for a new prevention check up center- and the goal has been achieved! I'll be there to spend a cheerful evening with you! hugs.fili...

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I practically lived in my espadrilles last summer and now we've got an update from Manebì: neon pink for The Girl and a black suede studded version for the rock'n'roll Mama. We almost have the same size by now, so I wonder who is going to steal from who..?...

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