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write a bike


Juri Zaech is a Swiss art director and bikelover, creator of the project write a bike, with personalized bikes. A couple of years ago he was working on a prototype, but maybe it's still just a dream project. I'd love to have a Planetfil bike! Maybe it's a good way to scare away bike thieves as well? ...

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easy 5


Wanna enjoy all those yummie dinners and delicious cocktails without loosing the bikini shape during summer? I have the solution for you, 5 easy steps to stay in shape! 1)lunges. 20x3 2)Side jumps. 20x3. 3)Step-up. Use a chair, a wall or anything available. 20x3! 4)For your triceps. 20x3. 5)"The plank" Stay completely still and straight flexing your abs. 1min x 3. Ready for that cocktail! YEY!!! :) pheeeew...

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stella shows us how


Stella and Youma came back to visit us yesterday, catching some truffles for our dinner! Amazing seeing them roaming around the hill, sniffing and digging, and oh so yummy to taste their treasure! Our friend Mela though, went absolutely crazy with jealousy, crying like a baby seeing those newcomers running freely on HER hill..!  We made it up to her, cuddling her all night! ...

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