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Thanx to Lucia that found this picture from Milan fashion week on Vanity Fair America! That was a very crisp, freezing week, just like the weather I'm experiencing in Sweden right now, waking up this morning to a white winter landscape. Beautiful. If it would've been December. So, a sweet thought, but no thanx. ;) @Missoni...

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no code

London Calling is the new collection by Tod'd No_Code designed by the co-founder of Dazed&Confused, Jefferson Hack. Classics re-interpreted for the James Dean's and the Lee Miller's of today, for the mad ones that love the mix of English eccentricity, a sense of humour about fashion and a touch of rock and roll attitude. Ok, I'm in. You? ...

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Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Spent an evening yesterday at the magical theatre Comunale di Bologna for the 50th anniversary of the Bologna Childrens's book fair. Personalities that has created the history of the fair were present,  prizes to the outstanding publishers of the present were handed out and a hope for the future with the new BOP prize, awarding courageous editors around the world. Dottor Daniel Pennac was present after having received a Laurea Honoris Causa from the prestigious University of Bologna. I had a nice chat with him on stage, asking how we can encourage reading among our young ones, and he said "By reading ourselves". Words cannot convince like actions do. "Ma ouis bien sur!" ...

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